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October 6, 2023

Bodawerk rebrands to GOGO, launches new electric motorcycle & partners with Watu credit to fund expansion in Uganda

Launched in Uganda 6 years ago, BODAWERK, now known as GOGO, is a technology company on a mission to help accelerate a sustainable transition to renewable energy in Africa through its technology and products. We have previously covered some of its work here. Its work included electric tractors, motorcycle conversion kits, and threshing and milling machines. As the company continues to provide several transportation solutions tied to its smart batteries, BODAWERK felt it was now the right time to rebrand to GOGO in line with its progress so far as well as its growth plans.

GOGO is now working to double the number of electric vehicles in Uganda over the next two years. In addition, GOGO has just announced a partnership with Watu Credit Uganda Ltd. to help bring over 1,000 new EVs to the Ugandan market by the end of 2023. This announcement was made during a customer service appreciation and celebration of Uganda Independence Day at a luncheon hosted for over four hundred motorcycle taxi riders (boda boda riders) in Kampala.

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