Changing How We Move: Efficient, Sustainable, and for Everyone

Our Electric Motorcycles

The E-Boda

GOGO Electric EV-150

We’ve developed our E-Bodas by seamlessly integrating our top-notch powertrains into established vehicle platforms. This ensures effortless repairs thanks to compatibility with readily available spare parts and maintenance networks.

Our customers greatly value this approach, as it aligns with their primary objective of minimizing their Total Cost of Operation (TCO). This encompasses not only energy expenses but also maintenance and spare parts costs.


Up to 80 km / h


250 kilograms, equivalent to the weight of three individuals ascending a steep hill.


100-120 km per battery with payload, 160-170 km per battery single rider / commuter.


GOGO developed brushless DC Motor 2kW, 4 speed gearbox with wet clutch

Purchase Cost

Financing offered by WATU Credit. Downpayments start at 500,000 UGX (135 USD)

Operations Cost

40% savings compared to ICE: fuel, oil, maintenance
Smart Battery

Powered by GOGO batteries

IoT Tech

GPS tracking, data upload to cloud, remotely controllable


100-120 km per battery with payload, 160-170 km per battery single rider


The capacity of our batteries is 4-5 kWh and we use NMC cell technology.

Our Lithium-Ion battery packs are:

  • Developed & Produced Locally with a Great Product-Market Fit Boasting the Highest Performance & Range in East Africa.


  • Multi-Purpose Supporting a Wide Range of Battery-Powered Applications. Once We’re Done with the Motorcycle, We’ll Add Tricycles, Boats, and Battery-Powered Generators to Our Ecosystem.


  • Sustainable Following the Principles of a Circular Economy. Designed to Reduce, Reuse, Repair, and Recycle, We Are Using the ‘Battery Waste of E-Mobility’ to Drive Rural Electrification.
Swap Infrastructure

Distributed by our Renewable Energy Distribution Infrastructure (REDI)

Our swap station network in Central and Eastern Uganda stretches from Masaka in the Eastern region to Iganga in the West, and from Entebbe in the South to Nakasongola in the North. It stands as the largest battery swapping network in East Africa at present.

Technology & Operations

Operated "smartly" by our operations system focusing on battery safety and cost.

Advanced battery analytics to keep them safe & make them last long.

All our batteries are IoT-fied and upload data to the cloud. We process the data and turn it into valuable safety alerts, predictive maintenance, battery life forecasting, precise SoH, SoC, SoP calculations, 2nd life valuation and much more.

Smart charging to leverage electricity tariffs and reduce battery degradation.

Optimizing cost of electricity leveraging arbitrage in energy tariffs and solar while matching dynamic demand. Also, slowing down battery degradation by reducing time spent at high SoCs and deploying innovative charging strategies.

Proprietary charging tech

Implementing Gallium-Nitride technology into our chargers allows us to reduce energy losses during charging by about 80% (directly helping the bottom line) while reducing cost, cooling requirements and weight.

Operational Excellence

At the end of the day, everyone can buy a bunch of batteries & chargers offering a similar service so it comes down to operational excellence.

We are building smart systems that leverage data to automate (charging & swapping) decisions based on predicted demand, differences in energy costs, charging speeds, battery depreciation levels,  weather forecasts and other data sources.