January 2, 2024

1,000th Electric Motorcycle Sold Via GOGO & Watu Partnership in Uganda

GOGO, formerly known as BODAWERK, and its asset financing partner Watu have just celebrated a key milestone. The 1,000th electric motorcycle under their new partnership has just been sold in Uganda. GOGO specializes in advanced lithium-ion battery technology for applications across its range of products, including electric motorcycles, agricultural equipment, and renewable energy storage. Watu is an asset financing company working in financial inclusion across Africa.

Watu is building an ecosystem for unbanked and underserved individuals by providing access to mobility and connectivity tools that enhance digital literacy, economic growth, quality of life, and opportunity. Watu says the company’s work has provided over 1 million loans across 7 countries so far and has positively impacted the lives of more than 4 million people.

These kinds of partnerships between electric motorcycle firms and financing partners are really critical in the quest to accelerate the adoption of electric mobility in sectors such as the motorcycle taxi industry on the African continent. The progress made so far in the first 8 months of this partnership is really encouraging. The collaboration between GOGO and Watu in Uganda is a powerful example of the potential within the African EV market. It demonstrates how innovative, locally tailored solutions, supported by accessible financing, can drive significant economic and environmental progress.

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